Academic Planning

Directorate of Academic Planning

Mrs. Z.D. Palu
(NCE, B. Ed, M.Ed)
Director Academic Planning

What We Do

The Directorate of Academic Planning mandate and vision is same with that of the institute. However, in addition to the mandate/vision, DAP is also charged with responsibility of assisting departments improve training programmes to provide qualified manpower of the institute, industries, private sector, institute of higher learning, public corporations, parastatals, communities, states and federal government.


NILEST through its various departments is involved in teaching at OD, ND, HD & HND levels.


Research in NILEST focuses on a wide variety of aspects of the field of leather and leather products technology and leather products production.


At NILEST, we showcase our products at national exhibitions usually organized by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology etc.

Our Programmes

Our Functions

  1. Responsible for coordination of the institute programmes including planning of academic calendar, administration of examination and other related academic activities in the Institute.
  2. To facilitate and setting up of appropriate time for consideration of results, programmes and admissions of candidates into various programmes of the Institute by the Academic Board.
  3. To monitor and evaluate progress of all academic activities and to report same to management.
  4. To help department in publicizing the programmes run by the Institute with a view to attracting enrolment and support from government, industrial and other bodies for the extension of these activities.

Our Staff

Dr. Rose Chioma Obi

Chief Institute Librarian/ Head of Department

Mr Bana Bulus

HOD General Studies